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Building and maintaining powerful positions of leadership for its clients,  The Launch Advisory Team delivers measureable, sustainable business care for health care and life sciences with quality, cost-effective consulting services.


With more than 200 years of combined experience in health care, pharmaceuticals, medical-surgical devices, and technologies, The Team is comprised of members who were active in originating some of the most notable milestones in medicine from developing and launching businesses, products, and services to marketing and sales. 


We offer expertise, unlike others, in uncovering new possibilities and opportunities, identifying blind spots, and avoiding pitfalls.


In business, there are either results or reasons for not achieving results; The Launch Advisory Team achieves measureable, sustainable results. 

We start by changing the conversation with bold, insightful thinking.  We know that when we change the conversation, we change behaviors.  When we change behaviors, we change cultures.  And when we change cultures, we transform perceptions, preferences, practices, and purchasing.  It is from these transformative conversations, The Team advances the delivery of health care and produces powerful, effective results for its clients and you.

Let's face it, all companies, startups, and launches encounter uncertainty for their success in sales, marketing, distribution, and operational excellence.  There are no guarantees but for having the right kind of experience, insight, and expertise. 



What's more, success doesn't necessarily come from what you know in business or, for that matter, from taking the time to learn what you don't know.  This type of conventional thinking can be self-limiting.  Success often comes from what you don't know you don't knowThe Launch Advisory Team provides access to that for you; we uncover new opportunities and identify blind spots from unexpected sources. 


Maximizing your opportunities, minimizing your risks, and driving results, The Launch Advisory Team is your source for bold, insightful thinking and powerful, effective solutions

Call The Launch Advisory Team Your Team.


Now, More than Ever, Healthcare Businesses Need
Bold, Insightful Thinking and Powerful, Effective Solutions


BusinessCare for HealthCare TM


  • Business Strategy

  • Upstream Marketing

  • Downstream Marketing 

  • Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Research, Analysis, Testing

  • Product Development

  • Business Development

  • Brand Development

  • Operational Excellence

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Distribution and Sales

  • Information Technology

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