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BusinessCare for HealthCare TM

Working with Leading Healthcare Clients, the

Experience, Insights, and Expertise of The Team 


Providing business and marketing insight and expertise unlike any other,  The Launch Advisory Team delivers measureable, sustainable business care for health care and life sciences with quality, cost-effective consulting services.

The Team has outstanding core capabilities and proven process knowledge with expertise to fast track your success for business and brand launches, turn arounds, and rescues.  The members of The Team know portfolio management and product development with particular knowledge in how products are conceived, developed, manufactured, launched, marketed, and sold.  What's more, we are also skilled in working with physicians, providers, payers, patients, and healthcare professionals including distribution channels, group purchasing organizations, regulatory and legal organizations, and others to facilitate and optimize market access and impact.

Some clients served by team members:

Maximizing your opportunities, minimizing your risks, and driving results, The Launch Advisory Team is your source for bold, insightful thinking and powerful, effective solutions. 

Call The Launch Advisory Team Your Team.



   Also Available on Request:

  • Advanced Clinician Education 

  • Creating Image and Identity  

  • Others

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